Business German

Business English Sprachkurse für Unternehmen

Business vocabulary in another language is essential to expanding the range of topics and conversations at work. Support your non-German staff and leadership in their professional development by offering them professional German ​​language training tailored to their needs at work.

Here at Institute 4 Languages, we offer group lessons and individual private training with a corporate language curriculum specifically designed for your business and/or department.

Our Business German language courses include:

  • Individual skills assessment and placement for each student
  • A fully customized language curriculum
  • Field-specific vocabulary
  • Needs and goals centered approach
  • Flexibility with times & location, in person or online

We are guided by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This divides the language level into A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Beginners without basic knowledge choose A1. German courses for advanced learners can be found in the B class. And those who can already use the German language very skillfully will find the finishing touches for their German language skills in our C courses.

We carry out a free placement test for all students, so that they’re always in the right group for their skill level in order to learn, grow, and improve together.

For inquiries or further questions, please contact us directly by phone (040 2851 6090) or e-mail ( We look forward to working with you!