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After English, French is the most popular foreign language in the world.
And of course, Institute4Languages offers French language courses in Hamburg. Along with English and German, French is a language well worth learning. Whether you initially need the language for your career or your studies, having the ability to speak French greatly improves your chances long-term on the job market.

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Hamburg has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with France. In the 17th century, Hamburg offered asylum to 300,000 French emigrants as well as persecuted French Protestants, the Huguenots. During the Napoleonic Era, Hamburg was known as “bonne ville de l’Empire français” in the Département des Bouches de l’Elbe, having belonged to France from 1806-1814. The French influence on the Hanseatic city’s urban landscape is palpable.

In 1842 Alexis de Chateauneuf, the son of French emigrants, designed the Alster Arcades, the Alte Post and the Schleusen Bridges, leaving his mark on Hamburg’s city centre. French influence can be seen in countless other places throughout the city. For instance, the noble Augustin Lancelot de Quatre Barbes brought a Parisian flair to Hamburg when he opened the Alsterpavillon, which remains one of the most beloved locales on the Inner Alster.

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