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¡No hay de qué! Just like “Da nich’ für!” from Hamburg slang or “Don’t mention it!” in English, this is the appropriate response in Spanish for a favor done.

Those, who already have some French under their belts, will find it particularly easy to learn Spanish. Mastering this language opens the door not only to the Iberian Peninsula but also to the whole of Latin America, where Spanish is the language spoken in all countries but Brazil.

Join one of our vibrant Spanish courses and get acquainted with the language and culture of Spain and Latin America. Our courses are specially tailored to the needs of the learners. Course participants learn most effectively from our native speaking trainers who possess university degrees and bring with them many years of teaching experience.

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Useful Online Dictionaries

Diccionario de la lengua espagnola/ Real academia Espanola

Television stations

La 1
La 2
BBC Mundo

Popular Spanish Newspapers

El País
El Mundo
La Nacion



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