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There are few other cities in Germany in which it is easier to learn German than in Hamburg — and we think it is the most beautiful place to do it! These days, High German is spoken almost exclusively in our beloved Hanseatic city, so you won’t find it difficult to practice your growing German language skills in your daily life, as opposed to in Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Berlin where a dialect or other foreign languages dominate.

Whether you are learning German for the first time or you’d like to refine your existing German language skills, you’ve come to the right place! We offer German language courses at all levels. With Institute4Languages, you’ll find that the best quality learning experience is perfectly coupled with the dedicated support of our highly qualified team.
And by the way, there is one quite charming word that every native and honorary Hamburger should know: Here we greet each other with a hearty “Moin!”, whether during the day or at night. Indeed, it has puzzled many an outsider when, for instance, a barman welcomed them into his pub at 11 PM, as many think “Moin” is the short form of “Guten Morgen”.

According to our research, the word “Moin” derives from the old gothic word for “wind”. We can certainly imagine that the seafaring Northern Germans would typically reply with “Moin, Moin!”, as sailors could of course always use more wind.

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