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Around 70,000 people with Polish roots live in Hamburg, which means that the west Slavic language is ever present in our city. And it was Polish workers who, in playing a little joke at their construction site, have left their mark here. In the 1980s, the workers constructing the Hanse Viertel not far from the Solidarnosc (Solidarity) Labor Union made a somewhat permanent joke by spelling “Poland” in dark burned brick on the building’s façade. Those who look for it can still find the word, despite the building contractors’ efforts to erase it.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Take one of our Polish lanugage courses in the Speicherstadt and experience our true-to-life language courses that are oriented to your needs. Our Polish trainers are native speakers with university degrees and bring with them many years of teaching experience. Our highly qualified team will guide you step by step in your Polish language-learning journey.

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