Quality assurance

company training language school

We organise an annual meeting and discuss learning progress with you. Together we set shared goals for the coming year, ensuring that our courses meet the changing needs of your employees.

We also conduct qualitative evaluations with course participants during which the progress for each learner is determined and supports our qualified trainers in helping learners to reach their next level.

At the end of each module, course, or at another time of your choosing, learners receive certificates stating their individual language level. Certificates serve as proof of each learner’s current level of competence according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

The Institute4Languages is an accredited institute of lifelong learning and bears the seal of Weiterbildung Hamburg, e.V.

We take pride in this accreditation, as it confirms that we deliver consistently high-quality language training services.

Through our internal professional development offerings, our trainers remain up-to-date on the latest didactic methods and techniques in adult education. This is how we support our qualified trainers in delivering courses that meet high standards.

We also regularly observe courses in order to help our trainers effectively refine their professional skills.



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