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Our offer to you: In view of the current COVID19 situation we would like to offer you our online language courses at a reduced price: For the next two months (April/ May) we offer you a 90-minute group lesson for only 10 €. From the third month on the price will increase slightly to the still reduced price of 18 € per 90 minutes. So that you can use your time at home sensibly and cost-savingly.

Being more flexible with Online language courses

We are pleased that you have decided to learn a new language in one of our online courses and visit our platform! Are you moving to another part of the world or do you want to improve your professional aspirations or educational prospects by improving your language skills? Whatever your motive, in signing up for one of our online language courses you have found one of the most popular ways to learn a new language.

Learning a language online is easy and effective and at Institute4Languages we offer a wide range of online courses to suit different needs. Each of our courses offers learners a comprehensive learning experience with globally recognized results. What expects you and which benefits do online courses have for you!?

Online language courses offer a wide range of advantages

  • You can talk to your teacher as if you were in the same room
  • You can be more flexible and better coordinate your lesson times with the teacher
  • Learning in a familiar environment can make it easier to concentrate and complete tasks
  • Your teacher can easily share different teaching materials with you in real time, correct you or provide you with useful vocabulary and specific expressions in written form
  • Our teachers use a digital, interactive whiteboard, which has all the advantages of a standard whiteboard and is additionally provided to you in digital form after the online lessons by the teacher
  • Online language courses offer the possibility to access and share a wide range of media content comfortably. Whether videos, audio files, listening to the radio, small puzzles or exercise sheets – everything can be used interactively online.
  • The teaching materials can be saved online and you do not have to carry materials from A to B, but simply leave them at your individual learning location
  • The online language courses are supplemented with proven learning software

And finally, there are no additional costs for you, neither by using the video platform nor by using other programs!

Accessibility on end devices

In addition, all the programs we use for online teaching work on your PC and on laptops, as well as on tablets and smartphones. Setup and operation are a piece of cake and you may even be familiar with some of the applications from your professional life.

Now more than ever, video conferencing in all languages is part of everyday and work life. The positive side effect of online language training is that you can get over your inhibitions and build up your self-confidence in order to communicate successfully in this up-to-date format.

Online language courses with added value

By the way, we offer you official certificates that reflect your current language level. These certificates are included in the price of your course and are awarded each time you pass a level. And best of all: all our online language courses comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Have we already aroused your interest in a group or private course? Please feel free to pay us a nonbinding visit at Institute4Languages in Speicherstadt.

Write to us and learn your language of choice with Institute4Languages in one of our online language courses

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