Language Courses

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Contact us!

You will find us centrally in the
Speicherstadt / HafenCity


Pickhuben 6
20457 Hamburg / HafenCity

+49 (0)40 / 28 51 60 90


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Language courses in Hamburg


The language school Institute4Languages is located in the centre of the Speicherstadt/ Altstadt. In the world’s largest historical warehouse complex, we are the only language school in the heart of HafenCity.

You can reach us ideally by public transport, but you also have a variety of parking options.

The Speicherstadt has been under the special protection of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2015 and the historic walls of our language school breathe the charm of great history.

Our qualified and international team of language teachers teaches here with passion and commitment. Most of our teachers are native speakers. With a lot of joy and dedication they not only teach language, but also cultural and historical knowledge. They learn more than just words and grammar, but also the specifics of the respective language cultures.

We not only offer you different methods of language teaching in private lessons, group lessons or intensive groups, but also a large number of languages that you can learn.

Below you will find an overview of our current language courses. If you are interested in learning another language that is not listed here, please contact us and we will be happy to support you.

English Language Course
German Language Course
French language course
Spanish Language Course
Italian Language Course
Portuguese Language Course
Russian Language Course
Polish Language Course
Dutch Language Course
Turkish Language Course
Chinese Language Course

We have already been able to find suitable teachers for our students in a variety of “exotic” languages. We have successfully taught Hindi and Bengali as well as Estonian and Finnish at our language courses in Hamburg.

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!





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